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//The shadow burns across like embers tide paper//

Below the clouds, above the city. Head above water, feet above ground.// #exploresingapore  (at Infinity Pool @ Marina Bay Sands Singapore, 57Th Floor)


Iceland in summary, since words cannot describe.

All photos are snapshots from my travels, more can be seen on insagram. Fine art pieces still to come.

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Edward Hopper

1. Morning Sun (1952)

2. Interior (Woman Reading) (1925)

3. Automat (1927)

4. Intermission (1963)

5. City Sunlight (1954)


Tribes, Bernhard Lang

Wow. OCD feels.

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Roxy Paine
part of the Replicant series
polymers, oil, and lacquer
25 different fungus species from the psychoactive to the poisonous 


Olafur Eliasson
Installation at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark
Over 180 tonnes of Icelandic rock, water

Finally home after that excruciating 10 days out. #skyscraper #HDB
We lead our own lives, we walk our own paths and we leave behind an imprint, sometimes good, sometimes bad. And society, it’s just a little bit of you and me, a little bit of good, a little bit of bad.// (at National Museum of Singapore)
Somewhat, it became possible to hold both beauty and death in the same pair of hands. It also occurred, that beauty is ephemeral, but death, that you can never wash off your hands.//
Curiosity is the spark behind the  (at Singapore Art Museum)
Depth over distance every time, my dear/
And I may be foolish to fall as I do/
Still there’s strength in the blindness you fear//
& everyday I’m learning to die a little to myself still


Of Monsters and Men-My Head Is An Animal lyrics videos.Part 2.

Cloud Teaser/ Crowd Pleaser